She hears birds chirping. She has a new love – music. I get chill bumps when I see her singing a song she’s listening to.

At age 15 months, Melissa became ill with meningitis. Soon after, she was diagnosed with profound hearing loss. Hearing aids enabled her to hear sounds, but she could not understand words.

It is our sincere desire to help

  • Parents teach their children
    to talk, with professional guidance

  • Adults return
    to work with appropriate hearing technology and support

  • Individuals
    with hearing loss hear with hearing aids and cochlear implants

  • Children receive an education using auditory‑verbal communication

About Treatments

Did you know?

Technology Works

Many people with mild to moderate hearing loss can hear well with the latest hearing aid technology.

Implants Correct

Many whose hearing loss is severe or profound can hear with the cochlear implant.

Deaf Children Can Hear

Many children who are deaf can hear, speak and attend regular school after they have hearing aids or a cochlear implant and auditory-verbal therapy.

Productivity Can Happen

Many adults with hearing loss can lead more productive lives after receiving state of the art hearing technology.

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