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Know The Signs Of Hearing Loss, Act Early, Prevent Speech Delay

You will want to read the full article at Family Educational Services Foundation. If your child doesn’t show any or some of the following signs, you should definitely get your child’s hearing tested by your pediatrician today.

From birth to 4 months:

  • Calms on hearing a soft sound or a familiar voice
  • Startles at sudden loud sounds
  • Responds to your voice (coos, smiles or babbles)
  • Wakes up to loud noise when sleeping in a quiet room
  • Makes vowel sounds like “ooh” by two months

From 4 to 8 months:

  • Responds by turning face or eyes towards a sound that can’t be seen
  • Tries to imitate sounds by 6 months
  • Responds to sounds that can be heard and felt both (not just the vibration of a cell phone)
  • Starts making consonants
  • Babbles back to self or others who speak to him
  • Enjoys the sounds of a shaking rattle or bells or toys that make sounds in general
  • Responds to “No” or change in tones of voice
  • Squeals or laughs

From 9 to 12 months:

  • Responds when called by his name
  • Looks where you point
  • Starts calling names like “ma-ma” and “da-da”
  • Varies pitch while babbling
  • Responds quickly to soft sounds like “shush”
  • Understands common commands (like “look here” or “come here”) and expressions (like “Bye bye”)
  • Points at things like a plane or a bird
  • Responds to musical sounds by clapping, dancing or singing along

From 12 to 15 months:

  • Uses his own voice to direct or attract attention
  • Is able to put a couple of words together
  • Listens to stories or rhymes very keenly
  • Babbles as if talking
  • Follows commands

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