Meghana’s deafness was diagnosed at 8 months of age in India and she was fitted with hearing aids. We moved to the US in 2006 and were very concerned about her communication delay. One day we heard about Dr.Peters and we were very impressed with everyone on his team: they knew exactly what we were going through. We started working with Linda Daniel, MS, MA, Cert. Auditory-Verbal Therapist: she taught me how to do therapy with my daughter at home. Meghana began showing more progress than she had in the past 3 years. She received a cochlear implant this summer and after just 3 months of hearing, Meghana’s progress is amazing. Now she is trying to talk in sentences, understands almost everything we say and can write her name. Now we want an implant for her other ear. I can’t thank Dr. Peters, Linda Daniel, Leslie Lianos, MS Lic. Audiologist, and Debbie Spicer enough. Today we are happy because of them.